Natural & Rustic Wedding Photo Albums – Columbia & KC, Missouri

These rustic wedding photo albums seem like they should be essential to every wedding. Despite the increase of photography in our culture, statistics show that only one in every 100,000 photos is printed.

Our heirloom wedding photo albums are locally made, right here in mid-Missouri. Katie designs them in our home office (and she secretly loves this part of the job… which often includes sipping coffee and finding creative ways to use white space). We offer a variety of natural cover options like distressed leather and linen. Our designs keep the layout clean and simple. We want your photos to tell the story!

Here are some of our most recent sample albums to get a better sense of what we offer our clients…


I have the fondest memories of sitting on the living room floor at my parents house, slowly paging through a dusty old leather bound photo album. I always laugh out loud at the images of my mom in her handmade flowery wedding dress, and my dad’s long hair and seventies style suit. Even now, I can picture the image of them beaming after their ceremony, surrounded by friends and family in Kansas City.

Having a bound heirloom album of your favorite photos from the wedding is something that will likely find a permanent home on your coffee table for decades to come. It’s a purchase you won’t ever regret. And your kids just might write about their fond memories of looking through that album 30 years later.  ;)

Thanks to the Schwinn Produce Farm wedding venue for having such a gorgeous space for photos… their album was one of our favorites!


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